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We are a small, woman owned business that specializes in providing purchasing assistance for state and county agencies, educational institutions, and local government entities.

Bridge Materials

We bridge the gap between needing supplies and job completion. Any supplies needed from nuts and bolts to lumber and concrete. Whatever is needed for your project, we are the perfect resource.

Facility Supplies

For all project materials needed from mini-blinds to major remodel we can provide your needs from roof top to sidewalk.

Procurement and Administrative Services

Small supplies to large projects, we can be your personal resource to meet all your purchasing needs.

Equipment Support

Vehicle interior and exterior accessories. Specialized and "up-fitting" components, small electronics & equipment, shop materials and tools.


Large Projects

small grey gear

Bridge & Construction

Lumber, concrete, rebar, PVC, construction hardware

Office Renovation

Flooring, lighting, cabinetry, window coverings


Brick and stone, decking material, park benches

Small Projects

small grey gear

Facility Supplies

Window coverings, shelving, paint, flooring materials, water filtration systems

Office Supplies

Small electronics, office equipment, phones, headsets

Shop Materials

Tools, cabinets, hardware, safety equipment, shop supplies

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McQueen Logistics Proudly supports:
Fredericksburg, Stafford, Northern Neck and Northern Virginia

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Why us? "top notch service"